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Re-thinking New Year's Resolutions… Should you be focusing on habits instead?

Re-thinking New Year's Resolutions with Seed Nutrition

Do you find yourself setting the same new years resolutions for yourself year after year? Do you feel frustrated that your good intentions are derailed after only a few weeks?

This time of year is often a time for reflection and planning and we can easily find ourselves in a place of striving for lofty ideals around fitness, health, career, happiness or another kind of personal transformation.

Whilst taking the time to reflect and plan is undoubtedly an essential element of personal growth, the evidence suggests that the level of motivation or willpower for a desired outcome is not actually a strong predictor of success. Some goals can set up a situation where we place all of our energy on the ‘all or nothing’ scenario which doesn’t take into account the complexity of the human experience and can contribute to unhelpful cycles with feelings of failure and inadequacy.

We may actually have little control over our body’s shape, size or in some cases, our overall health. However, what we can influence is the small, day-to-day actions we take, and the environment we create around us, to nourish and care for our minds and bodies.

Neuroscience teaches us that our brains are programmed for safety, efficiency and reward. To be sustainable, a new habit needs to be very small, realistic and instantly rewarding and our environment must remind and incentivise us to adopt new ways of doing things.

What daily habits could you create to live and feel better?

Are there any habits you’d like to change?

Would you like support in setting up effective and sustainable habits as part of your plan for 2019?

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