Consultation Fees


Initial Consultation (45-60 minutes) $140

Review Consultation (30 minutes) $85

Long Review Consultation (45-60 minutes) $120


Payments can be completed by direct deposit.

You will be provided with a tax invoice that you can submit with your Medicare or Private Health Insurance claim. 



No referrals are necessary. Seed Nutrition can accept referrals from General Practitioners (GPs), Specialist Medical Officers or other Allied Health professionals.

How to prepare for your first consultation

To prepare for your initial consultation with Seed Nutrition, please collate any clinical information you have available to bring along to your appointment (e.g. blood tests, medical tests or reports). 


If you have time, you can complete a food / symptom diary for yourself or your child.

Download Here.

Should you bring your child along to a Dietitian Consultation?


Some paediatric consultations can involve some sensitive discussions (e.g. weight concern or family dynamics). Contact Seed Nutrition to discuss if having your child with you during the appointment is right for you. 

Online Appointments

Online Appointments are held online using the Zoom platform.


Clinic Hours


Seed Nutrition operates a regular clinic on Saturday mornings. If this time slot does not suit you, alternate options may be available. Please contact Seed Nutrition to arrange a consult time that is mutually acceptable.


Medicare rebates may apply- please talk with your GP to see if an Chronic Disease Management (CDM) Plan and a Team Care Arrangement is appropriate for you.  

A Doctor’s referral is required for Medicare Rebate claims.

Team Care

Seed Nutrition can work in collaboration with your existing health care team to support your health journey.

Private Health Insurance

If you have private health insurance, you may be eligible for a rebate depending on your levels of ‘Extras’ cover – please contact your provider for details about what is covered under your plan.


A referral is not necessary to submit a claim to your private health insurer.