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Women's Health

Dietitian and Nutritionist

Supporting women to optimise their health and wellbeing with food

Could this be you?
  • Are you tired of swinging from one diet to another without results that stick?


  • Are you feeling confused or overwhelmed with the deluge of ‘nutrition advice’ everywhere you look?


  • Are you looking for a pathway back to a peaceful relationship with food and your body?


  • Are you interested in making changes to support your health and wellbeing that are authentic and sustainable?


If so, I’d love to work together to discover what will truly nourish your body, mind and soul.




Cultivating self-compassion in all we do. Understanding how past experiences, health situations and the culture in which we live can shape our way being.  Learning how to tune into ourselves and what we need without judgement but with curiosity and kindness.

You are the expert in your own body. I can offer up to date and evidenced based science on nutrition and physiology alongside a counselling approach. We will work together in building a plan that works for your goals, personal tastes, and lifestyle.

No quick fixes or fad diets. Only, the conscious curation of habits that deeply support your health and wellbeing.
Weight – Neutral Approach

Our body shape or size does not define our health. We work together without scales and measuring tapes to measure our progress. Instead, we put our attention on the behaviours we undertake every day to care for our health.


Kristen Demedio

Accredited Practicing Dietitian


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